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What a fun time we had on Saturday morning.  I’ve been going through their images for the last couple days and it’s just so hard to pick my favorites!  The kiddos are just too cute, and once little A warmed up, they all were thrilled to be out running around at the marketplace.  They were so loving and sweet with their parents — I loved being able to capture their sweet sides, sweet teeth (loving the lollipops), and active little bodies!  What a gorgeous fam…thanks for being my first family photoshoot guinea pigs.  🙂    ~m



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Testing Testing 1-2-3!

At long last a real blog!   A place to view pictures of our family, friends, and clients of Maggie McDonald Photography.  I’ve had some incredible photo shoots this last week and can’t wait to get all of this going.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! 


Here’s a pic of our family, taken a couple weeks ago by my dear friend, Srilu Viene! (thanks, girl!)    ~m

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