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These pics are from my session with the F family the other day.  When I got together with Mom to choose pics, she decided to go the storyboard route, which is an 10×20 mounted picture, showcasing several images from the photo shoot.  She picked these herself and did an awesome job!   I think little D looks sooo cute…and you can definitely see her spunky personality, which is what this is all about.  


All kiddos that have a session with me get a rainbow-colored lollipop (with parent permission prior to our meeting, of course).  I’ve noticed a) it makes for some incredibly colorful and fun shots  b) it’s something for the kids to work for as the session goes on — what kiddo doesn’t like a sweet reward? c) it’s something different and fun — you probably don’t have a picture of your child with anything like this at your home!  and d) kids and families really loosen up and start acting like themselves.  I get some incredible “real” interactions at this point, which I love.

 Thanks for reading & be on the lookout for some dance shots of my sis in the next day or two.  Until then, I’m busy editing and taking pics! 

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