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Proud Momma

This weekend, J decided to start walking.  He breathes in and out really quickly because he’s so excited.  It’s absolutely adorable!!!   This is the face I see when he’s coming toward me.  🙂  I’ll try and catch his full body, but for now this will have to do (he’s quick–hence the blur!). 


K was in her first ever gymnastics show.  My family and I laughed out loud a TON because she was really hamming it up out there — we’re talking unnecessary kicks and leaps! She also had her tongue out of her mouth the entire time.  

Our favorite part (which also doubled as the most embarrassing) was when Kate did the vault.  Unfortunately, she’d go back into the line and get in front of all the kids.  She definitely got her share of vaults in!!!  I so wanted to run up there and remind her how lines work (she knows this!!!) but there were at least 100 kids plus all the parents/grandparents watching.  The teacher finally noticed and fixed it!   Phew!  Next up in a couple weeks: the dance show.  Should be even MORE interesting (and hilarious).  🙂   ~m 


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