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Here’s a peek at a storyboard, as promised.  I know the writing looks small here, but it says:    

[girl]  daughter, a beauty filled with delight, pure sweetness    

I thought it was especially fitting because K is such a girly girl (and usually sweet).  🙂

I have bunch of these awesome templates and many cute definitions to add something special.    I got mine as a matted 12×12 and can’t wait to hang it up after it gets here (they do come as big as 20×20).   


Coming soon…pics from a fun playdate with pals.  Have a great weekend.  ~m

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I was on a quest yesterday to capture the cuteness of K’s ringlets.  Her hair just dried that way after swimming! 

Here’s one image from a sequence of three I plan on turing into a storyboard (check back tomorrow night!).  What a cutie…and yes, I did semi-bribe her with a lollipop.  She kept asking where the kids in all my pictures got their lollipops, so I had to come clean.  🙂  They sure are messy and sticky, but WELL worth it!


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