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Kids @ Play

We used to go to playdates weekly, but preschool and other commitments make it hard to make time for these.  When I told K we were invited over to G’s house, she did the “happy dance” around the kitchen island. 

These kiddos have so much fun together.  It’s so neat watching them grow from parallel players, to now kids that actually create scenarios and use their imaginations together.  K came home talking about superheros and saving her little stuffed animals. 

Here’s G chillin’ before the real fun started (his sis is the cutie in the previous post).


J putting out fires & feeling like a big kid.


T playing with J.  He kept praising J for his walking attempts.  🙂 


K showing a bit of her wild woman smile after the sprinklers surprised them (and she asked if she could run in them).


C playin’ around in a baby-sized wagon (great idea, Kev!).


Hope we can all play again soon.  Thanks for the fun day!

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Lil’ D

I just couldn’t let one more day go by without posting this pic for her momma.  D is the sweetest little girl.  Always hugging my kiddos and running up to them with that signature grin on her face. 

I know her mom would say she’s a handful, but I just say “sweet.”  🙂  Still working on more playdate pics!   ~m


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