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A fun bath time for the kidlets.  Storyboard.  I’m loving these! 

Taken at nighttime, no flash, high ISO.  I did run an action that made it grainy (on top of being grainy with a high ISO), but my camera seemed to pull through for me. 

Photog Tip#1:  For those of you that use flash all the time indoors– it’s fun to just turn it off (be brave!), adjust your camera (read that manual about ISOs!), and see what you can do.  Put your kiddos near a window where there’s enough natural light so that you don’t have to use a flash indoors.  Try various poses and watch how the window light casts shadows and varying shades of light on your subject.

Natural light creates drama.  Flash really washes subjects out, taking depth out of your pictures.  I’m not a big fan of flash…if you want to try no flash indoors and want a little feedback (just do it!!!) send your image to maggiejmcd@msn.com  I’ll let you know what I think and coach you through it (to the best of my ability!).  Make sure to tell me a little background info on your pic.  Where, when, ISO, etc.  Why not just try it?–I’m sure it would help me, too!


***On a different note…do any of you blog readers out there (I know people read this thing!) know a good place for me to take some desert pics? 

 We’re talking saguaro cacti, big rocks and all that with nothing else around.  I’m gearing up for a funky desert photo shoot and need some locations!  There have got to be some hikers/explorers out there that can help out!!!***

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