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K:  Mommy, will you be my bestest friend (while riding around the kitchen island on her “super bike”)?

Me: Sure

K: Are we going to get married?  (oh grrrreat.  here goes this talk again)  🙂

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 .:K is a very happy-go-lucky girly girl who loves to dress up and play animal babies.  She loves to help others (especially in the kitchen) and shows tremendous love to her friends and family. 


.:J is talking (up, ma-ma, da-da, book, dog, eat, kate,  please, juice, nigh-night, bye-bye, shoe, water, banana, Mimi, Papa–those are all I can think of this very moment) and walking all over the place.  He still squeals if he’s going a long way.  He loves to drive cars on all sorts of different surfaces (including my head).  He gives some pretty sloppy kisses and is starting to yell if he wants something and we don’t know what.  🙂


Stay tuned for a spectacular Christmas photo shoot at Mimi and Papa’s house.  Mimi’s Christmas decorations are magazine-worthy!   3 different trees, antique ornaments, the whole shabang…     ~m

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