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…especially at Mimi and Papa’s house.  My mom goes all out for the holidays.  It’s an AMAZING all out though.  Every corner of her house has something Christmassy.  Rules: all of her decorations have to be red, green, silver or gold (except for the VERY special tree you’ll see below) and almost all of them are antique! 

She collects blown glass reindeer, millinery fruit (for her fruit tree), holiday postcards from long ago, and just antique ornaments in general.  It’s fun to see her decor change through the years (she finds ornaments all year) and it’s also wonderful to see our favorite things each year. 

It’s interesting how my Christmas tree looks a lot like hers…my vision of what Christmas looks like, in tree form, has been shaped by my upbringing.  Hope you enjoy, mom!  I know you were excited to see pics of your wonderful collection. 

Storyboard below:  The 9′ living room tree.  Vintage Merry Christmas ornament.  Sussex cottage dollhouse (all decked out for the holidays).  


Storyboard below:  Genie ornament.  Rare blown glass stork.   Assortment of ornaments, including an eskimo (one of mom’s favs).  The 4′ den tree.  Underneath the den tree — vintage feather tree fence, assortment of antique beads & ornaments.


Saving the best for last………isn’t this the coolest?????   

Storyboard below:  The Kitchen Tree or the Fruit Tree.  This is a feather tree and the fruit ornaments used to be placed on hats for decoration.  Mom’s own cool creation.  I love the color! 


I’m not used to taking pics of anything but people, so this was fun for me.  🙂   Took me out of my comfort zone a bit, but that’s good.  I’m always up for a good challenge.  Hope you’ve enjoyed!~m

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