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.: Zebra Light :.

It’s 1am.  Little guy  just woke up and is chillin’ on my lap as I type with my free hand.  Guess I’m pretty used to this — typing one-handed, that is.  Sorry in advance for any typos!  🙂

About the pic…the two kiddos were playing yesterday morning and I just happened to catch J as he pondered something.   Those moments are rare because he now spends all his free time going around and around and around our house on his two legs.  We have a 99% walker over here! 

I love how the light looks like zebra stripes on and around J.  Color was nice, but the conversion to black and white really made it a more dramatic image.  If you look closely, you can see his eyelashes curling upward.  What a cutie.

 Have a great day.  ~m


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