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I’m currently working on a little project (might, just MIGHT be related to Christmas¬† ūüôā ) and ran across a bunch of fun & interesting pics.¬† Here are a couple that stood out to me¬†for the month of April.¬† Yipes…that’s 8 months ago!¬†

Our little J was definitely upset about something.¬† I love his facial expression even though I can’t clearly see his eyes.¬† His scrunched up face (check out that line between his eyes!) and upset little mouth sure convey some major emotion!¬† Not a typical pic for this happy guy.


Not a very typical pic for K either because it’s hard for this little lady to sit this¬†still.¬† I love how¬†I can read her face — I see a very relaxed, confident two-year-old who is loving taking in the outdoors.¬† Pretty much sums her up.¬†


**Real emotion can be hard to capture, especially if you have a kiddo that shies away from the camera.  **

Photog Tip #2:  Some ways that have helped me coerce kids to cooperate while showing emotion are having the child:  explore his or her surroundings, sing a song, tell a funny story,  tell jokes, tell a secret to a sibling, tell the child NOT to smile in a fun way, give the kiddo a lollipop :), and have the child perform fun physical activities (soccer, run a lap, go down a slide, etc).   

If any of you out there in Blogland have something that works like a charm, let me know please!! 

I had a photo shoot a while back where the mom brought a balloon and had dad release the air for the kiddos.¬† They all thought it was hilarious and I got some fun shots of all three kiddos with genuine smiles and laughter.¬† It is always a challenge — that’s why I like doing this!¬†

 Have a great day.  ~m  

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