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{Merry Christmas}

Yeah, it’s a little early, but I wanted to get this out there and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I’ll be taking a bloggity break for a week while we celebrate, do some traveling and just have fun together.  I’ll be taking lots of pics, of course! 

I took this picture of Peach and Santa yesterday.  It’s my new favorite pic.   He just whisked her up into his arms and all she could do was stare.


I love:

*her gaze — she’s amazed that it’s really Santa!

*Santa’s beard

*their real eye contact

*the lit wagon in the background

*(this one is from my sis) it looks like a posed Norman Rockwell — it’s like Santa’s going to offer her a Coca-Cola 

*Santa’s arms around her

*Santa’s plush suit — looks like the real deal!

Happy Holidays and safe travels to those of you taking off for a bit.   ~m

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[Translation:  Come watch me play in the front yard!] 

I always oblige when she offers to pose for pics!     


We had fun with this blue snow hat (bought in preparation for our winter trip to Colorado to see family and friends).    Since it’s been semi-cold lately, it didn’t feel that silly having Peach flit around the front yard with her hat on.  🙂  It looked cute, warmed her little ears, and was pretty great for a spontaneous game of peek-a-boo with the camera. 


Besides head and finger warmers (we’re hoping to go sledding), I’ve been collecting fuzzy blankets for photo shoots (newborn shoots, especially) so she also had a great time getting snuggly in this soft-as-a teddy-bear blankie, too.   I’m SOOO excited because I get to photograph a one-month-old cutie in Colorado.  Can’t wait to see him and catch up with his Mommy!  Now to decide which blankie to bring…hope there’s some room!   ~m

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