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Oh man.  This little guy was just adorable.  I had so much fun hanging out with his mom (a friend from high school!) and dad, who are SO relaxed for being first time parents.   I could have watched them interact with little L all day.   This wonderful family has been through a lot with L during pregnancy and the first month of his life and he’s perfect and healthy and I’m just so happy for them.

I braved a major snowstorm (at least it felt like it!) to drive out to Castle Rock, and it was SO worth it.   Thanks for having me (and for the delicious lunch) and I sure hope we can see each other in Phoenix sometime???!!!  (hint hint!) 






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We’re Back! :)

Our trip to Colorado was phenomenal.  White Christmas, tons of snow, sledding, family time, visiting with friends, playdates, 2 incredible photoshoots (not to mention fun snowy pics of Peach), great meals…

 Just finishing up some editing.  I know some anxious parents are waiting for their sneak peek.  Coming soon, guys (later tonight, I promise)! 


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