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 Had a great day at the park today.  Lovin’ this perfect AZ weather.


I {heart} this picture.  For some reason it just really pulls at my heart strings.  She’s so into it and cute.  

I love the background and framing by the tree to the right.  The colors of the horse and her shirt pop just enough. 

It’s just a snapshot of what she’s like in real life.  No “say cheese” portrait smiles (like those hat ones a couple days ago).  This is just me capturing her inner child.  And that, is my true goal.  If I could capture each child’s essence, I’d be an in-demand lady!  Better keep practicing…


A recent goal of mine is to improve capturing action in photos.  So, I set off to do just that today.  What I really wanted was some jumps, twirls and leaps by Peach, but she’d rather swing, slide down the pole, and ride the horsie.  Fine by me!  Little Fella loved the sand, swing, and a couple pine cones (“paaa”) he found on the way to the car.  We had a great time together.  🙂


^ Lotsa funny faces lately. 

Okay…if you’re looking for the winner of the Starbuck’s gift card….look no further!


Congrats PHIL, you lucky duck!  Card is in the mail!  <—OOPS…the winner isn’t PHIL!  It’s JESS!!!  Yeah, Jess!  Send me your addy girlie and I’ll get one off to YOU in the mail.  Funny that the Starbucks gift card is going to the coffee addict in Seattle.  I remember you and your coffee at Skye’s workshop, girl!  🙂 

I was THRILLED with all the comments on the blog.  Thank you all so much for participating and be on the lookout for more freebies!  And what a treat to have Carole stop by.  {mwah…miss you!!!}


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A Logo, baby!!!


I’ve been waiting forevvvver for my logo to arrive and it FINALLY did.  I think it’s pretty fresh and fun.    Yea!

I wanted something that would span all ages, be fun, colorful, creative and different.  [Pretty much sums up what I want to be as a photographer] 

 —>So, to celebrate this “Crowning of the Logo” special day, I’m going to give away a $15 Starbucks card to one random, lucky, super-fresh commenter.  I’ll put all the numbers (in order of your comment) in a hat and have Peach pick one out at her bedtime  (Wed., 1/30 at 7pm).  It’ll be in the mail to you the very next day.  Yippeeeee!   You can tell your pals (or significant other!) to comment to get the gift card or just keep this little secret to yourself.   *****All you have to do is tell me what your favorite color in the lollipop is and why!*****    You can leave your email in your comment below (if I don’t have it) or wait to find out the results on Thurs (and then send it to me)!  Whether you’re a regular blog reader or totally new to the [blog o’ pics], doesn’t matter!!!    

Gooooooooooooooood luck and can’t wait to hear your favorite colors.  Oh, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if some Starbucks slurping is in your future.

I’ll start:  {Red} I love bold, bright, cherry-red, flowers, nail polish for toes, bricks (and their many shades of red), hearts, and fruit punch.     ~m

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Just playing around a bit more (above) with texture.  I could really do this alllll night (and pretty much do)!  🙂 

Found a fun cotton field.  Added a crisp (yet sunny) AZ day, a super cute coat, and an adorable (sure, I can say that about my own kiddo) but fidgety little girl to the equation, and we were able to come up with some cute stuff!!! 

 As many of you moms know, it’s sure not easy to take pictures of your own child.  I just keep taking pics and hope for the best!  Bribery can help in moments of desperation, too.  🙂   Did I just say that???  🙂    


Be on the lookout for some changes tomorrow!  🙂   ~m

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Had a little fun in the backyard the other day with some hats we have for photo sessions.  They look pretty cute on little kid noggins.  I like the splash of color and texture.  🙂 





Have a colorful day!  🙂   ~m

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~Peace Out~

Isn’t this funny? 


It’s all about the hands today and me trying to capture some up close action.  I’m taking a class right now through BetterPhoto* and our lesson is on close ups….thought I’d show you some of mine.  🙂  Still working on editing some more (of course!) but I thought these were blog worthy. 

The Little Fella still has blanket marks on his head from his nap.  🙂  Too cute. 


I like the little fiber he’s playing with in this last one. 


I’ve always loved those extreme close up shots.  Can’t wait to learn more and get creative with it.  Have a good rest of your weekend.


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By Popular Vote…

more images of J for your viewing pleasure!!!  Soooo many people wanted to see more (including me!). 

img_7016ambw1v7x5web.jpg<–she reminds me of a mermaid statue in this one!  🙂  I love her sexy and confident stance and silhouette against the sky and mountains. 

{I’m so used to photographing kids, that all this editing of an adult has been a nice change.  I’m already looking forward to editing and taking more images of kiddos though.}

 img_7187shdefanttextclrpopweb.jpg <–my first time playing around with textures on an image.   What fun!!!  I felt this image really begged for a little more oomph!  This texture stuff is going to be fun.  🙂

img_7163defshexbrnnvltbwweb.jpg <–Lastly, I like how she’s just peeking from behind all that’s going on here.  The diagonal lines are nice, too. 

Still have many more J images, but I can’t spoil them before I meet with her and show her a slideshow.   I have a lot of simple, classy, typical images, too…just want to show you guys some that I think are fun and different. 

Does anyone have a fav here???  My fav is #2 (for now)!  I like the texture of the whole building paired with her skirt, how she’s posed, her look, etc.  It just works!

_   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _ 

U  P  D  A  T  E

I got some props for newborn/baby shoots today.  A SUPER fun, vintage wicker bassinet and a wide vanity chair for placing a newborn on for a fun look.   Also bought a cool mint green chair for some toddler/kid photoshoots.   It’ll give some extra style and color to an image for sure.  Just let me know if any of those interest you before your scheduled shoot!

The blog’s gonna have a *new look* pretty soon here, so be on the lookout! 

Stay tuned for some images with cotton (?), pettiskirts, an adorable baby belly, and MORE!  AAAAnnnd have a great weekend.    ~m

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Took these pics of my sis when she was out here for Christmas.  I’m totally missing her!  🙂 

I’m crazy busy editing, but wanted to leave you with a couple interesting pics…



Accessories can add SO much to a photograph.  I love the look in the above picture.  The hat is terrific (and full of texture!) and her hands are so delicate.  Lovin’ it!

Accessorizing for a photo shoot is fun and you can even get ultra-creative!  Some options are:  hats, scarves, purses, tights, belts, jewelry, etc.  Go colorful, do something different!  It’s amazing how one little thing can change so much about an image.   I can’t imagine what the above pic would look like without the hat…all I know is that it’s SO much better/more dramatic with one.   Off to edit…  ~m

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