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Bosom Friend(s)

::the gang::                                              (minus little A who was napping) 


I met Bit a whopping 18 years ago.  We were just young high schoolers — I was one of the new kids at a school of 3,000+ students and I happened to sit next to her in choir.  I guess she wasn’t feeling shy that day (oh, she was SHY!) and she offered to share her music with me.  A couple weeks later, I was invited to her 16th birthday party.  

Since that party, we have been incredible friends.  There’s just a connection that’s unexplained — she’s one of only a few I would call a bosom friend. 

We are both artsy (in different ways), love kids (we both got teaching degrees and taught at the same school for 3 years!) & things that are old-fashioned…really, the list goes on.  I was there when 2 of her 3 kiddos were born.  She was there (on the phone with me) after my kiddos made an appearance.  We also are different in many ways, but that’s what makes our friendship true and unique.  She’ll always tell me if I’m being ridiculous and I do the same for her (not as often though).  🙂   

As always, a highlight of our Colorado visit is seeing her family.   I brought the kids over to play with her bunch and we had a super time.  Our kids, especially our 3-year-old girls, are old enough now that they can play together and we just secretly spy in the corner holding back laughter at the crazy things they say.   While the madness is occurring (sorry again about the mess!) we catch up, exchange gifts, and I get to see the new additions to their 1800s Victorian house — this time it was curtains, next time, they’re hoping to have the upstairs completed. 

Here are a couple images of her kiddos that I caught as the gang was playing.  Makes me miss ’em.  I can only hope our children will learn to love and appreciate each other as much as we do.   

::big bro P::




::little A::


^ I just have to say, this pic is my latest fav.  She looks SO much like her mom.  The curly hair, long fingers, profile.  Just a total mini-Bit.  🙂  I love how the light from the window behind her is making her hair glow.  She looks so innocent and contemplative.  

Hope to see you guys soon…(and sorry for the NOVEL–I just realized how long this was!).    ~m

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