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I just love how a [storyboard] can tell a story using a series of images.  I think these are fitting because J’s cool, has her own style (that girl can strike a POSE!), AND you see she has a fun side as she’s walking on the train track. 

As a mom and photo lover, I love having storyboards up in my house because of the varying poses (action!) and personality that are shown.   

–>About the storyboard above…I used a super fun urban action on the pics, which gave them a more green/red tint.  Definitely something different and fun for me — I really liked it with the colors and textures present in the caboose though.  Isn’t J soooo adorable?


I love her confidence and body position in the above pic.  I could have edited her red cheeks and nose so that her face was more “all one color,” but I just love how her face is showing the temperature outside.  Her face looks natural and real, which is what I was going for — very different from the storyboard above.  🙂  For the color in this picture, I made it “pop” a bit more to give the image some energy and excitement. 

There are SO many more cute images from our session together — I wish I could post them all.  Thanks again, J.  I had tons-o-fun.    ~m

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