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I just couldn’t resist posting more images from my session with baby L.  Since mom and dad are so far away, it’s only fair they see lots of pics on the blog!  🙂

Things got a little funky in the editing room today — I just LOVE these images.  A little different than what I usually do, but I’m finding that I’m learning and growing and really starting to find my style.  Hope you like them, too!


Gotta have a foot pic (or two).  What’s better than chubby baby toes with the light on the tips making them glow?


If you look closely, you can see little baby hairs on his upper lip. 


A little more traditional — the only time this little guy cried.  It was because he was uncomfy. 


Mom came to the rescue by scooching him up in the chair.  Then the little guy smiled for us! 

.:focus on foot:.                                    .:focus on smile:.  (just in time!)

img_2764defshl8x10web.jpg  img_27658x10portlweb.jpg

And speaking of mom…L decided he was cozy and it was time to nap. 


Nobody would ever know she had a baby a little over a month ago! 

*My only regret about this photo shoot would be not persuading dad to hop into a few frames.  Maybe next time???*

Off to edit!     ~m

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