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I do love living in AZ.  However, the one thing I really miss about Colorado is having four seasons.   I just love the colors of the leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. 

While we were in Boulder, Peach was out in the snow every single day.  Day #1 we got her totally bundled up and then she had to go to the bathroom — JUST like the movies!  We all laughed about that.   She went sledding twice and the second time, I was able to tag along with my new lens (wahoooooo!  it’s a 70-200 f/2.8L IS for those of you who know lenses) and take some pics of everyone going down the hill. 

It was a family affair — hubby’s brother, his fiance, her niece, and even Grandpa Mac went down the hill!  Our pal from college (who introduced hubby and me waaaay back when) came too, which was a special treat.   Oh, and it was FREEZING — in the 20s but with a ton of wind (check out the blowing snow!), so it must have been around 0 degrees with the wind chill!  Here we are…


^  Uncle J, Grandpa Mac, Peach and Hubs get ready to go!


^ Peach and Hubs do the sledding thing


^Grandpa  Mac braves the hill with Peach


^ Peach and I looking like chilly tomatoes (photo by hubby  <–totally impressed!)


^Our great friend & roommate from college with the little lady

img_3860cpopdefshweb.jpg<  [I’m at the bottom of the hill taking this pic.]  Peach is launched in the air (going backwards) after hitting that thing daddy calls a “bump.” (aka a JUMP to most of us!).  The end result was not pretty (frozen little face), but she recovered quickly and outlasted all of us that afternoon.     ~m

 Oh, and I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who have left comments.  It’s so very kind and really encouraging.  🙂  And even if you’re reading and don’t usually comment–thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!

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