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+ 1 not-so-fun-feeling swim cap = one FAB set of pics!

Of course, it helps that my sis is an incredible sport/model/trained dancer and is willing to do this for me (I think she even likes it)!  🙂


—>More from the session with the sheep in the desert (it feels so strange typing that)!  I promise this is the end of the wooly creatures!  I have many more pics from sessions with Bib, but I’ll space them out.  She’s leaving in a few days from LA (where she lives) to go to Berlin for 3 months, so I’m going to be in model withdrawl for a while.         [I love the strong stance and gaze in the above pic] 

Actually, anyone out there want to model some funky stuff for me???  I need the practice and I promise, there will be no more bathing suits involved!  🙂    Just want one adult female.  Free photo session.  Couple free 8x10s OR 5x7s for ya (your choice!).  Body style and all that doesn’t matter to me.  Let me know!  I promise I’m super relaxed and it’ll be fun.  No pressure, lots of feedback.  Maybe even make it a Valentine’s Day present for your significant other!   This could be FUN!!!  Either comment here or send me an email at maggiejmcd@msn.com

Okay, wasn’t planning on that at all [but now I’m excited]!  ON WITH THE PICS!!!

img_1668clrpop1selclrdefshfxjpegweb.jpg  [my fav — I love all the diagonal and straight lines in the picture: her body, the dirt, the horizon, the road, the field — and who can do a pose like that?  WHOA!]


[Clothing:  vintage 40s/50s swimsuit] 

Until tomorrow…  ~m

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