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.:Little Red:.

img_2288lonldefshweb.jpgThis little gal couldn’t get enough of the snow.  The moment we SAW snow as the airplane landed, she flipped her lid.  Before we got into the car to drive to the in-laws she had already SNUCK A TASTE of it off of a fence in the parking structure (I was mortified, but caught her too late).  

Every single day that we vacationed in Boulder, Peach begged to go out into the snow.   She and her daddy wrestled, made snow angels, tried to make a snowman (unfortunately, not the right kind of snow) and just had a super time.  I got to take pics and soak all that happiness in.  It was just lovely (and chilly). 

It IS nice to be back home where I can wear my ever-present flip flops, BUT I do really miss the tranquility of the snow.   I sure wish my kids could experience it more often. 

More pics for ya…


{her *snow angel*}


until tomorrow…  ~m

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