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Ahhh…the last of the snowy pics.  You’re probably sick of all that white!!!  🙂

 img_2568cpopcdefshweb.jpg <– There’s something magical about this pic to me.  The sun flare.  Her breath hitting the frigid air.  The action of her feet as she runs to pick berries from the bush.  The golden feel of the image because it was taken right before sunset.  When I think of my carefree, sweet daughter, and our trip to Colorado, this is what I see.   Her.  In the moment.  Having the time of her life in 20 degree weather.   Here’s another pic taken at that golden time.


Couple more…

Love the footprints and depth in the first one.  The second one I really like the movement –she’s shaking the snow off of her mittens. 


I always try my best as a photographer to vary my shots at a photo shoot with changes in lighting, focus, angle, perspective, location, post-processing, etc.          

{—> So try this…think out of the box a bit and get creative!  Lay UNDER a swing as your kiddo is flying high, stand on a chair as your kids are eating snack, vary your positioning in relation to the sun when you photograph your child on a bike ride, or find a cool wall with snazzy color or texture nearby to take some pics. 

My goal is to have all my pictures NOT look the same.  That gets boring, ya know???  When clients are given their 30(ish) images after a photo shoot, sure, some are similar, but I really try and make a conscious effort to change things up.    More options for clients.  More challenging and fun for me!

**I especially try and vary the images I post here on the bloggity blog.  So, to keep you on your toes, if it ever gets boring or stagnant, let me know!  ** 

img_2572defshccpopweb.jpg<–This image was taken after Peach was rushed inside after falling in the snow (she had taken her mittens off to pick berries and about froze her fingers off when she tripped).  She was pretty upset and Grandma Mac made her a little cocoon in a soft red blanket.  She snuggled in a chair in the living room, complete with a wet tear on her face, and light from only one missing vertical blind illuminated her face.  It was really striking in person. 

Sheesh…this was a long post.  

*If this post inspired you tried something *different,* let us all know in the comment section.  It’s fun to share–that’s how we all learn!  What I really love about the photography community is their openness to share what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve learned SO much from fellow photographers on blogs and forums, it’s amazing.   ~m

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