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After a good rain a couple days ago, the tree across the street decided to let loose.  Gorgeous red-orange leaves covered our neighbor’s yard.  After a day of ignoring those picture-perfect leaves,  I finally gave in (they were beckoning!) and my 5D, kiddos and I rang the doorbell of our oh-so-nice neighbors and asked if we could have some fun in their front yard. 

Good thing they said yes!  🙂

This storyboard reads:   [won – der]   marvel, filled with curiosity, desire to explore

This storyboard and definition basically describe my son at this time in his life.  He is SO very curious, happy, and active and I love to watch him experience new sights and smells.  It was wonderful watching and capturing him in a pile of leaves for the first time!

 Here are some more of the Little Fella.  I realized I hadn’t posted images of him in a while, since Peach was the shining star in the snow in Colorado, so here we go! 


I like this action shot.  He’s walking and a leaf is even in the midst of falling by his knee.  He still gets this little proud face when he’s excited and headed my way. 


The pout makes me laugh in this one.  He actually was being dramatic and toppled over right after this picture was taken.  I’m happy that I got to capture this hilarious face! 

[In the above image, I really like how the leaves in the back don’t even look like leaves anymore.  The blur, or bokeh, is a neat effect and definitely brings out the subject more.  If you look closely, the leaves in the foreground are blurred too, because I focused on the Fella’s face and used a low f/stop (or aperture).  If you have a setting on your camera that allows you to play around with aperture, you should!  Take out those camera manuals, read up and try it out.  🙂

Here’s a little funky post-processing for ya…


In color, this particular image is very golden  & hazy because there was just too much sunlight (you can even see the rays on his shoulder!).  I knew I wanted to remove the color and do something I don’t typically do.  It’s definitely not my style — I would much prefer more color and less grain — but I do appreciate it because it’s different.  🙂

Until tomorrow…   ~m

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