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I absolutely love photographing babies.  They are just so precious.  I love all the extra wrinkles on their pudgy bodies and the hair in random places.  The things that new parents think look strange (very wrinkled feet with markings from the recent hospital bloodwork, red faces, peeling newborn skin) are SO incredibly fun to capture! 


In an instant, my newborn became a 3-year-old and I really wish I had newborn portraits done.  Sure, I took some pics myself, but I was exhausted from my surgery and just being a new mom, so there wasn’t much motivation for me to get behind the camera lens. 

Recently, I purchased two very fun and exciting things for newborn or baby portraiture.  First and foremost, I got a macro lens (I haven’t even used it yet!!!).  This will enable me to really get close up images.  In the past, my other lenses have been fine for close-ups, but I constantly found myself wanting to get closer, but couldn’t. 

Second, I bought a vintage wicker baby scale and am dying to use it.  The baby is placed on the scale lying down on a blanket and the weight is displayed on a circular part below.   It’s a great sage green color and I think will make a stunning baby portrait.  I really love mixing in antiques with images of babies and children.


If you are expecting a baby, start planning ahead for you newborn’s photo shoot .  Whether you get pictures taken professionally or you do them your own, the optimal time to take pictures of a new baby is within the first one to two weeks of life (the earlier the better).   At this time, the baby still sleeps so much that repositioning is much easier for the photographer to get a variety of images.  These little ones are used to being all scrunched up, which is exactly what we want to capture. 

Newborn shoots with Maggie McDonald Photography are done at your home, in various well-lit areas.  Outside is also an option if the parents are interested.  Sessions can last up to four hours (usually around two) and are extremely calm and relaxing.  Breaks will be taken for feeding, sleeping, rocking, and cuddling.  Crying and squirming is expected and welcome.  🙂  Expect a variety of fuzzy blankets, a heating pad for your little one, calm music, adorable textured newborn hats (mine or your own) and just an all-around stress-free experience.  

 I hope to meet some cuddly new ones soon!  🙂


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