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If you’ve seen the movie Stand By Me, I’m sure you remember the really gross scene after the pie eating contest.  The total “barf-o-rama.”  Well, that happened here tonight.  Not multiple people, thank goodness.  Just one really sick kiddo. 

I was planning on blogging w/pics, of course (I have LOTS to show!), but I need to comfort Peach.  She’s still really freaked out.  

I’ll leave you with something that I’ve been meaning to post for a while… 

Food Network posted the top 100 recipes of 2007.  I’m in a rut always fixing the same things for dinner, so I thought I’d pass this along if anyone else is in that same rut, too!    

Coming up in future blogs…

Super Cute Preschool Photo Shoot,  Kiddo Book Review, Pics from our Zoo Trip (today)



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