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:: shadows ‘n pals ::

We had so much fun at the Phoenix Zoo last Sunday.  We went with my pal K from choir and her two super sweet boys.   Here are some pics, guys!  I really never take pics of animals or landscape, so these were a bit of a stretch for me.  🙂

I just love this flamingo picture because I like the profile shot AND I think it’s fun to see the shadow on the ground. 


I was so excited when I started to edit the image below. I loved everything going on with the light and various trees — it’s so dramatic.   Here are K and her two cute boys looking at the rhinos (which makes it EVEN more special because that is one of the boy’s absolute favorite animals). 


The patterns on the giraffes really “popped” when I converted the picture to black and white. 




Little Peach playing princess near the water…love the innocence captured here (I’m sure she’s singing!).  The kiddos spent most of the day playing here.  🙂


Waiting for someone to loan them money to massage their feet.  🙂


 Little Fella working on a box of raisins.  He’s such a good little guy. 


Do YOU have a favorite???  There are some different images today…I think my fav is either the giraffes or the 3 of them looking at the rhinos… Dang, I just looked again and really like the flamingo one a bunch, too.  I’m gonna have to get back to ya.  🙂      ~m

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