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Baby Fever

Does anyone have it???   How can you not after seeing this cute one?  🙂

First, a dabble with texture. 


I saw a photo similar to this one (baby on chair) online and decided to recreate it.  Since I already had a vintage vanity chair, I thought it might just work!  It’s a little wider than your typical chair — perfect for newborns.  🙂   I felt this pic needed a little extra OOMPH sooooo, I added some texture (the rage in photography these days).  I think it turned out pretty great!  Really gives it an old-fashioned look. 

Second, a coolio storyboard that gives you two very different views of the little lady.


When mom brought out this orange polka dot blankie at the session, I about screamed!  It’s SOOOO cute.  Little W’s blankie was made by her grandma.  I think that’s so special.  🙂 

Can’t wait to edit more of this fresh little one.    ~m

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Ta Daaaa!


What a cutie (+ her fam)!

I’m editing images from 3 sessions right now and thought I’d post this one image before I went to bed.  At this point in the session, I was going for a picture with some sun flare (you can really see the flare in color) but I think the black and white really makes the image “pop.”

What I like about this picture:  the 3 1/2 year old is up front — this little person takes center stage and her arms in the air reveal her fun personality, the gentle way mom is encouraging little brother to go sit by his sister, mom and dad keeping a watchful eye in the back,  the setting of the session –watertower, buildings, rocks, the small slope of the hill(s) giving the image some depth. 

Don’t worry mom, more are coming.  🙂   ~m

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First off, thanks for stopping by!!!

This is little W and she’s a young 8 days old!  She was the cutest, sweetest little gal.  Mom says she’s an easy baby (knock on wood!) and I completely agree.  She ate, looked around, slept and cuddled. 

S–I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  From the changing table incident (hah!) to hearing your amazing birth story (sent TO the hospital at 8cm, where she delivered an hour later), the laughter and conversation were just lovely!


[The image below is SO this family.  Stylin’, colorful, fresh and fun. ] Thanks for letting me try this out!  

Wouldn’t it be cool if every year her mom/dad photographed her in this same place?  That would make quite an amazing comparison throughout the years!  Oh, and it’s hard to see, but this little lady has a TON of hair — we’re talking more than little Fella and my hubby combined!  It’s quite adorable and impressive. 


The details: love the flakey newborn skin around her arms and wrists.


Have a great day and stay tuned for more SUPER different and fun photos from this session.    ~m

EDITED to add:  Cloth diapers are made by Cristy.  cristy@purpledaisiesllc.com  If you’re interested, send her an email — she knows more than most do about cloth diapering.  I’m even thinking of converting this late in the game with little Fella!  You can also check out some of her other things (not sure if she has diapers up yet) at the link to the right for Purple Daisies Boutique.   Can’t wait to show you the diaper she made with lace on the buns.  🙂

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I had so much fun this afternoon with the P family.  We explored, laughed, chatted, and had an all-around fantastic time.  The kiddos were so adorable and enthusiastic about our surroundings.  Everyone was such a trooper and so positive (go dad!). 

Mom turned the photo shoot into a learning opportunity and the kids talked about colors and letters throughout our time together. 

I sure had fun hearing about how mom and dad met…I always love to hear stories like that, especially when the dad/mom chimes in every once in a while to tell his/her side of the story.  I’m a sucker for a good love story!

Thanks for letting me capture your time together!  Here are just a couple out of a slew of terrific images!

{I love the feel of this one below.  I have tons of this cutie smiling, but she just looks so natural & peaceful here.}


{Now THIS little guy is so smiley and fun.  This was taken during a good ol’ game of Peek-a-Boo with mom.  He LOVED it!  Check out those eyes…}


Hope that satisfies you for a couple days, G.  I know you’re anxious.  🙂  ~m

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Just wanted to post something a little different!  My mom and sister (pictured) have the funnest collection of vintage clothes & accessories.


^ Love the colorful kimono paired with the vintage bathing suit. 


^ She looks like some crazy creature here…scorpion?  Tigress?  Must be a sheep!


^ Beautiful == love the back lighting from the sun. 


^  –Bubbly with a Tiara–  She’s gonna be so mad I posted this pic!!! 

{From an older session with my sis, who is in Germany right now.  Miss you, Bib!  Come back for more photo shoots!!!} 

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Believe it or not, Peach doesn’t like to be her mommy’s model.  I was SO happy when she decided she’d hang out on the fence for me.  

And when the two started walking holding hands my smile spread from ear to ear. 

These portraits make the two of them look SOOO alike to me!  I love comparisons like that.  🙂     Off to edit pics!   ~m

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Went to a bday party.

All the kiddos ran wild and had an incredible time.

Lots of socializing and kiddo cuteness.

This little one had a little too much fun and zonked out.  🙂


I just LOVE sleepy pics.


How cute is this???  My fav of the bunch.  I love the body language — how the little one is tugging on mom’s shirt and how mom’s hands are wrapped securely around her.   Thanks for letting me share, J.   ~m

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