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–More fun and funky shots from our weekend maternity session–


Which do you like better?  B/W or color on the below image…




This one below makes me smile…is this what hubbies think we do all day?  🙂

She looks SO relaxed and stunning at the same time. 


S, gorgeous momma-to-be, has many creative outlets and one just so happens to be fine jewelry making.  I asked her if she’d like to to wear one of her pieces for the shoot and I was completely blown away when I saw her work.  The jewelry is beautiful on the website for her store, Bin 27, but GORGEOUS in person.    I have my eyes on a couple of those pieces (even though I’m not a big jewelry gal!). 

 She also quilts, sews…the list goes on. 

This was my first, real maternity shoot and my goals were:

1)to make her feel beautiful 

2)to capture HER (her essence, what she’s all about) 

3)to have fun 

4)to be different from the typical maternity shoot

As I was driving away, reflecting on our time together, I had a good feeling…

I got a sweet email from S today, too, so it looks as if I’m on the right track.  🙂

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