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Meet Skeet.


He’s our wild and crazy 7-year-old English Setter.  Much to my husband’s dismay, this “supposed” bird dog loves to hunt bugs and lizards.  He’s been known to steal wallets in the past and eat expensive eyeglasses. 

We can’t keep food out anywhere in the kitchen because not only does he have a powerful sniffer, but his ninja-quick moves enable him to scout out some food, jump up where he needs to go, and gobble up delicious human treats in an instant.  Banana bread, butter, chips, loaves of bread, whole pizzas….the list goes on. 

He’s made more visits to the doctor than the kiddos combined — dog allergies.  The dude is allergic to everything, notably bushes and grass.  I mean, a DOG allergic to the outside?    The allergies make him lick his paws constantly during the peak times of the year AND get stinky ear infections. 

This dog sounds grrrreat, right?


Wellllll, Skeet has quite the personality and makes us laugh on a daily basis.  He’s lovable and I’ll find him curled up by Peach on the couch when she watches her afternoon TV show.  He cuddles all the time and loves to show his affection by planting a wet one on you when you least expect it. 

He’s a terrific guard dog and makes me feel safe. 

He’s playful and will play keep away with the kiddos.

He’s too smart for a dog and loves to camps out near Fella’s high chair for flying scraps of food — don’t need a vacuum cleaner when he’s around.  

I always want to have a Setter around because he’s incredibly unique, adorable, and fun.  He’s enriched our lives in so many ways and we all just adore him despite his little quirks (and medical issues!!!).  🙂 


My bro told us about this nearby dog park, so Peach, Uncle P, and I took the furry guy. 


It was a hit!  🙂     ~m

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