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I have NO idea what happened, but this whole post just disappeared!!! 

The jist of my previous blog entry (it was a long one, too!) was that my pal Cristy makes custom clothes — adorable dresses, shirts, etc.  I had her make a dress and shirt for Peach and she asked for some photos of the clothing to post on one of her many sites:  Purple Daisies, Etsy Store, and For the Love of Chocolate. <–scroll down to Purple Daisies Boutique for the awesome dresses/shirts.  Here’s some of her glorious work!


The above shirt reverses into the lemon shirt (below).  You can see it peeking from behind the fabric.



The above storyboard shows an adorable heart dress that reverses into these fun polka dots (below).


Give her a jingle if you want a custom outfit for your kiddo!  OR just drop her a comment and tell her that her work is super cute.  🙂  ~m

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