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Got an email from my pal in Colorado.  Remember the baby session I did there in December?  Well, she’s interested in checking out some storyboards, so I got right to work.  Decided to post them here because it’s not like I can meet with her anytime soon.  😦  Sooooo far away… 


Storyboards are so fun to design.  They come in various sizes, usually a long rectangle (10×30 is common) of 2-5 images OR a square (20×20 or 12×12) that has 2-4 images.  These images are all surrounded by white and when sent to the professional lab, they are sprayed with a protective coating and mounted on 2mm styrene board for longevity.  These mounted images look incredibly professional and modern.  They can be placed in a frame OR the coolest thing lately is putting them up on your wall with Velcro!  

I am THRILLED to say that my office is going to be covered with mounted prints and storyboards (with Velcro on the back).  That way, I can arrange them collage-like.  I’ve already started ordering a favorite image from each session I’ve done, so if you’ve had a photo session with me, you’ll make a debut on “the wall.” 

 I promise I’ll show pics as I start…that means I’ll have to clean the office though, which will probably take a couple months (hah!). 


Quote says “Sometimes it’s the smallish things that take up the most room in our heart”

~A.A. Milne


Most of these images were a special request from my pal in CO (some I threw in that I thought looked great).    You can choose to further personalize storyboards with wording (name, age, date, favorite quote or poem, etc.) OR leave them completely blank.  After C sees these, we might switch a picture or two out (or switch the position of one).     There are so many possibilities and I’m always open for creative ideas

 Thanks for reading and I hope you like, C!    ~m

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