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Today was cool.  Got to learn about studio lighting from fellow photographer Carolyn Wells.   We set eeeeeverything up (there’s a TON) and she told me the jist of all of it and then turned me loose! 


Super hard, actually.  It took some time to get used to, but by the end I worked most of the kinks out.  It was especially difficult (but expected) with my wiggle worm subject (Peach, of course!).  

I’ve just gotta say, with photography, there’s nothing like the good ol’ hands-on approach.   I search the internet constantly, ready to soak up any new information I can find, but actually DOING it and being in the moment was really awesome.  Thank you, Carolyn for being so patient.  I SO appreciate you!

[I get to shoot her maternity session in a couple days, so be on the lookout!  🙂 ]


Oh, and I just want to say…I still LOVE natural light photography (no lights/flash).  This studio light learning session was to help broaden my knowledge base in case it’s something I choose to offer someday.  I think being versatile and knowledgeable is key, especially in this ever-changing field! 

FYI to photogs out there –> these images are straight out of the camera…no editing, color correction, nada.  I was worried about studio lights affecting my style, but I think I was still able to achieve what I wanted.  I got Peach doing her own thing.  Not stiff or posed…more relaxed and wiggly.  Love that about kids, actually.  🙂   ~m


^ the image above cracks me up!  she looks so much older than 3 1/2!!! 


This.  Is.  Her.   🙂      ~m

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