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Remember little sister in the green chair a couple weeks ago?  This is her big brother.  A full-of-life, handsome fella with a love for baseball, basketball, books, Caribou, garbage trucks and Buzz Lightyear.  He has the cutest little dolphin laugh when he’s super excited, too. 

When I first met this guy I was blown away by his extra long eyelashes.   Interesting Factoid:  He and Peach were born on the exact same day (same year, too). 

I was so lucky to capture this fella standing still — he was watching his dad trying to get his ball off of a roof!


The lashes get even longer (is that possible?)… 


 Then his daddy put him up into this tree and he felt like a million bucks!  He’s trying to look cool. 🙂


Thanks for letting me post pics, J! 

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