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don’t remember when


 I don’t remember when I met A.  It was probably in Home Ec class.  Or maybe choir.  Regardless, we met back in 7th grade.  I was a new kid at Ingleside Middle School.  She’d been around a while.  We became fast friends, throughout that hormonal time in life, and regularly chatted about boys, what to wear, and the latest make-up. 

On rainy days, we’d splash in puddles in her cul-de-sac.  On sunny days, we’d swim or lay out next to the pool.  Most weekends, we’d rock out to “Tiffany” (remember her???) in my room eating Oreos until the wee hours.  Her dad taught me to ski in Flagstaff & I learned the basics of rafting.  We were best friends. 

In 9th grade, A moved away.  At the end of 9th grade, I also moved away.  We went on a rafting trip in high school, chatted a little in college, and then *poof,* life just took over and we lost touch. 

About two years ago, I found her.  She and her hubby, who met while they were raft guides in the Grand Canyon, lived in Flagstaff.  We met for drinks and had a grand time.  Some time went by and I learned she was pregnant.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago…I got to see her new baby!  The baby of my longest friend ever.  🙂

Here she is.  Not even two weeks old. 


I didn’t want to be annoying photographer friend, so when A’s hubby asked Peach if she wanted to hold baby L, I whipped out my camera (what a good excuse!) and took about 5 minutes of photos. 


I just think babies are the greatest…especially when they belong to a long-lost friend who is pretty much family.  A — it was awesome to see you, F, and adorable Baby L.  Tell your hubs his name is still on our driveway.  See you soon?   ~m

Oh, and here’s one semi-funky one that I just *love.*  It’s just so BABY to me with that sweet little look and her hand in the air.  Speaking of babies…check back tomorrow for some newborn cuteness!!!


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Two Bumps


STUNNING, glowing, prego ladies!!!

Two prego bellies.  Best friends.  Sisters.

I always think it’s special when one sister calls the other one her best friend.  These two women finished each others sentences, laughed at each others jokes, talked about their pregnancies.  It’s just so wonderful they are able to share this time together, bringing two little ones into their extra-special extended family.

When I met C, I not only met her mom, I met her aunt and nieces, daughter, husband, father, and sister.  It was a real family affair and I just thought it was excellent.  Reminded me of flying down to Long Beach and dining with our extended family for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Always someone to talk to.  Kids running around having fun.  Laughter in the air.   

I was honored to shoot some images of these sisters (I also took many more of C’s fam and then out in the weedy wilderness with her hubby –remember that post?).  Here are just a couple for you two lovely ladies.  I’ll be thinking of you, C, as you’re almost about to deliver your little lady.  Can’t wait to show you the rest…there will be an upcoming sneak peek of some family pics, too!



I had a blast with you two.  Hope we can hang again sometime.  🙂    ~m

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[fun]ky in the sun


Last week we had a fantabulous time outside on the front patio playing with the water table.  I can’t believe I’m JUST getting to the pics now…  Anyway, Peach and Fella could have played forever!  They splashed, soaked each other with cups, filled and dumped 10,000 times, and giggled away.  I completely enjoyed this gorgeous weather we’ve been having in AZ.  Ahhh…


^ Cuuuute little toesies.


^ I love that little look.  Usually means something suspicious is going to happen though!   ~m

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nurturing a little mind


Well, I met with Peach’s teacher last week and all is going great in preschool.  Peach is a really great kid.  I know all moms say that, but she is! 

Anyway, her teacher mentioned that she really, really, REALLY loves to play at the sensory tables (full of rice, flour, beans, sod…depends on the day) and outside in the sandbox.  She makes cakes, pies, builds castles, and is extremely imaginative.  If she’s outside and there’s no water around for sand pies, she’ll run inside her classroom and run back out with a full cup, spilling it along the way because she’s so excited. 

I know she loves this type of stuff, but as a mom, how do you know what is typical and what is beyond that?  For example, when I was little I LOVED to sing.  I’d harmonize with my mom to “You are my Sunshine” and sing rounds into a tape recorder and then sing with my own voice blaring out of the little red box.  My mom thought that was typical  — she didn’t know anything different.  When I started music lessons it was obvious I had a gift.  This “gift” was nurtured and eventually I went on to get a degree in vocal performance.  My point is…it’s just SO hard to know! 

So back to Peach.

Her teacher said that this type of hands-on sensory-filled play is evident in mathematical/scientific thinkers (wooo hooo….SO the opposite of me!) and she asked if we had anything like this at home.  Guess what I did after school that day?  I ran to the store and got a HUGE tub for her sensory “table.”  I asked her what she’d like inside that tub and she picked flour (she does love to bake!).  Along with the tub and HUGE 25 pound bag of flour, I let her choose goodies for her table: measuring cups, spoons, funnels, siphons, cheap cups and bowls AND some birthday candles were her playthings of choice.  She was thrilled.   

Since that day last week, she has spent her “quiet time” every single day outside playing in her flour tub.  I hear her singing songs, talking to imaginary friends (“Tollock” is her fav), and I love listening to her conversations with herself as she makes me “cakes.”  She’ll let me know if a bug darts by and even today saw a hummingbird and 2 butterflies. 

Is it messy?  It’s awful, horrific to be exact.  Our whole saltillo-tiled patio is white, BUT, it’s absolutely quenching her thirst for hands-on, sensory-filled learning.  She really looks forward to it when her brother goes down for his nap. 

So, I thought I’d share with you some images from today.  She was covered literally head to toe in flour and loved every minute of it!  [hey–thank you to those who made it this far in my looooong post!]


^ relaxed and messy


^ busy


^ extreme close-up of the action


^ “Poof” goes the flour

I know it’s hard to tell, but this patterned dress was basically white!  🙂 

Lastly, I just want to say that I feel very grateful to have found a school that truly supports developmental learning.  I feel her teacher really KNOWS her and her needs.  It’s so nice to have an outside source (other than friends or family) that can give me insight on how to build on her strengths, resulting in a happier kid and mom!  Quiet time is a piece of cake (for now)!!!  Have a great day.  ~m

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I can’t…just do one post on each session.  While I’m editing, I always find so many more images worth sharing.  So, here are a few of those from my maternity session with L.   


^ Fitted tanks are an awesome choice for a maternity session.  Her purple tank is perfect because it compliments her coloring. 


^ I like this moment. 


^ LOVE this one.  The colors are so fun, but the part I like best are the multiple frames you see that make her stand out.  During the session, when I asked her to define her belly (so I could get a better view!) she’d touch her stomach and immediately smile.  It was so heartwarming.  🙂


^ I love the antique feel of this image.  It’s timeless.  I think the texture really adds a lot to the feel of the door (paint cracking and falling off) as well as the texture in the brick.

I just realized that I chose a lot of looking down images for this post.  I usually try to have more of a mix, but glancing back through them, I really love being able to witness her connection to the baby growing inside her belly.   I enjoy being able to capture something that seems so simple, yet is intimate, like a glance down, or a feel of the belly.   L was such a natural and just *glowed* when we even mentioned little J.

I’m so excited to meet her…several more weeks!  Thinking of you guys, L…


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Only one texturiffic image from this session for now (super late night, of course!)…planning on lots more from this hot momma tomorrow.   🙂    ~m


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Isn’t he the cutest?  His eyes are just STUNNING! 

I was so thrilled when I got an email from his grandma, who wanted a session for her little grandson, who was leaving in a couple days.  I sure hope these images bring her a little closer to this two-month old, who lives all the way across the U.S.     img_3185trioprweb.jpg

^ He was so sweet and talkative and really loved looking into the lens.  What more could I ask for?


^ The little guy fell asleep.  Perfect time for some still hand shots with mom.  I love the size difference & textures of their hands. 


^ Peaceful baby.

Can’t wait to show you the rest, Y!  Can’t wait for mom to see the rest, too!  🙂    ~m

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Some “business”  🙂 

FYI ::: I updated the availability tab at the top of the blog.  I have 2-3 sessions left to fill in April.  If you’re interested, send me an email with the date!  I’m always available for newborns…can’t really plan when those cuties come into the world.   

I am now booking sessions for Jacksonville, Florida for Saturday 5/3 and Sunday 5/4.  I’ll be doing a maximum of two shoots per day, so let me know your preference!  Beachy shoots (wa hooo!) should be done about 1 hour before sunset OR right before sunrise (if you’re that brave–I’m up for it!!!).  Can’t wait!!!  

I am looking for a female model 6-8 years old  for a complimentary session next month.  Just have some ideas I want to put into fruition.  🙂  If you know of any little ladies who love to twirl and have fun, send their moms my way, please!  Complimentary session + complimentary 5×7 or 8×10 + pics on the blog and website= super cool deal!!!  EDITED TO ADD:  I found her!  Keep your eyes open for more Fresh Faces promotions!

Off to edit!  ~m

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