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Believe it or not, I wore this dress once upon a time.   Made lovingly by my talented Grandma Margaret (my namesake).  I remember a picture of me in it, with my long chestnut hair in braids that looped up around by my ears.  I’ll have to dig that picture out…  

My mom brought this dress to me last week and right away my photography brain started churning.  I wanted some old-fashioned looking pics of Peach in the same dress.  I put it carefully in the back of my car and while on a journey in the car this weekend, I found the perfect spot. 


As you can see, I have an appreciation for tattered and worn looking places since diving into photography.  If you see a car stopping quickly and a lady with excitement in her eyes,  jumping out with her 3 1/2 year old, to take a couple photos, that’s probably me! 

Most of the time, I can’t find my way back to that tattered place and that’s okay…the exciting part is discovering somewhere new the next time, where distinct images can be created in a new setting.

So, be on the lookout.  Let’s take some pics at a place of your choosing — what will it be?  Lush. desolate. tattered. sparkly clean. cement. colorful?   OR you can just leave it up to me.  🙂


I’m loving my journey into photography…thank you for taking it with me.  🙂   ~m


P.S.  I added a new section at the VERY top of the blog (next to About Me).  Talks about my availability.  I decided that I’m going to only focus on 1-2 sessions per week so I can:   a) hang with the kiddos more and b) give your images the time they deserve. 

***March is completely booked, except for new little newborns that need photographs.  🙂  Be sure to check the availability tab if you’re interested in booking a session in the upcoming months.  Or even better…send me an email.  maggie@maggiemcdonaldphotography.com       ~m

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