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I have a very anxious and excited mom who let me know today she’s dreaming about seeing her family pics (her viewing appointment is this weekend).  <–Isn’t that cute?  She is SO thrilled about this it makes me *SMILE!*   

While I’m still editing away, I wanted to whet her appetite and give her just a SMALL dose of the cuteness to come…

{This is S.  Turning 2 at the end of the month! }

:::I love the urban feel of this shot.  His youth, perfect skin, and adorable features really contrast with the old, rusty train in the background:::

SO much of photography these days is done post-processing.  I LOVE to be creative in Photoshop and completely alter a picture OR leave it just the way I took it. 

In this instance, besides using some actions for that certain “feel” I was going for, I tried cropping the image several different ways.  I finally settled on how it was originally taken in camera.  There were too many things left out of the pic if I cropped it and still wanted that grungy feel.  I just love the mood and bold colors.  His expression and little hand to the right are precious.  I like the space to the left of his face because he’s looking that direction. 


BUT THEN, as I kept playing with the image (man, editing takes me a loooong time because I can never choose!), I decided that his cute little face needed to be zeroed in on.  AND changed to black and white (mom’s fav). 


And WOW…this is a handsome kid.  Removing all that background really made me focus on JUST HIM.  I really love both images, but there’s something really special about the b/w one.   This image has a very classic feel.     —Two very different views of the same image. —

SO, there’s a tiny peek into my crazy world of post-processing.  Crop–re-crop-action-another action-re-crop-over and over again.  🙂  <–well, not that bad — I try and do most cropping in camera these days!!! 

 I LOVE this editing part of photography…I’m just indecisive, which makes for loooong nights.  🙂 I also REALLY love seeing the finished product and a client’s wonderful reaction to a that product is the GREATEST part ever. 

Off to edit and I hope you were surprised, G!!!     ~m

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to need your help.  Hubby and I are going to go on a trip (just us…yahoooo!) and we need YOUR HELP deciding where.  I’ll have a little poll for you (if I can figure out one of those thingies) with some spots we’re thinking of.  Any feedback would be GREAT! 

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