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Late Night Lonelies

Hubs is gone.

I have TONS to do.

It’s SUuuuPER late (2am) and I have tons more to do before going to bed.

Did I mention hubby is gone???¬† ūüôā¬†¬†¬† It’s super quiet and boring around here.


Anyone have any fun news?


Please visit the poll at the bottom of yesterday’s post….vote where we should vacation!¬† Promise you’ll see some pics when we get back!

Oh…and I photographed more sheep this evening.¬†¬† More to come…¬† I’ve NEVER taken images like this before (always people!)– it was great fun!


¬†CUTE kid stories:¬† While I was taking sheep photos, I heard “seeeep seeeeeeeep sEEEEEEEEp” coming from the car.¬† Fella¬†wanted to be in on all the action,too.¬† He’s growing like a weed and his words are hilarious (those who haven’t heard him say “treasure” need to)!!!¬†

As I was finishing up, I¬†noticed all the sheep suddenly scattering — I look over and Peach is WALKING right toward me.¬† The car was about 20 feet away (kids were watching a movie) and she UNSTRAPPED her buns and was just walking toward me in the field with a smile on her face.¬† Note to self:¬† Kid can get out of her own carseat!!!¬†

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