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Many of you that know me, know that I love to sing.  I used to dream about being on the stage (an opera star!) and was almost finished getting my degree in vocal performance when I met my hubby.  I decided then that I wanted a more stable career and found myself in school for many more years after the music degree, on the education track. 

Are you curious where I’m going with all of this???

Welllll…mixing two of my passions, photography and music, is great fun.  Music absolutely has the ability to move people, as images do.  When I present images to my clients, it’s always fun and exciting to show their images in a slideshow format.  There’s something about merging pictures of loved ones, with the uplifting beats and swells of music that really pulls at your heart strings, at least mine.  To me, the more senses that are heightened, the more meaningful the experience. 

One struggle with the whole music/slideshow thing is finding appealing royalty-free music or music that’s actually COOL that I can purchase a license to.  Know of any???  (Pllllllease????)  The Michelle Featherstone songs on my website are the best I’ve found…  

I’ve also tried to contact several super cool artists, but it’s at least $1,000 to buy a year license to have their music on my site OR I just never hear back — unbelievable!  So, while I’m jonesin’ for my fav songs, I’m trying my best to find songs that are uplifting, light, and fun in the world of royalty-free music.  It’s hard to be so limited, especially when this matters so much to me. 

Wanna see a slideshow???

I met with a mom today to watch her slideshow.  We were both wiping tears away afterward.  I was standing behind her, listening to the dancing guitar, watching her reactions to all the images, and it seriously choked me up.  I LOVE this.  I love being able to capture children, families, pregnant women…times that are now long gone, but have been recorded behind the camera lens.


Here’s a teaser….how about a whole session with this adorable family???

****CLICK HERE****for 2 minutes of slideshow sweetness!!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  ~m

Oh, and I am constantly on the lookout for new artists–MySpace is supposed to be an excellent place to get permission from unsigned artists.  I’ve been looking — if you find something folky/acoustic and fun, please let me know! 

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