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 I’m finishing  up editing this photo shoot from last week and  I can’t help but post a couple more images.  I think pregnancy really suits her!  Radiant, glowing, smiley,  positive…the list goes on. 


{love that golden light and her sweet expression}


{I love how confident and gorgeous she looks against this great background}


{glowing portrait}


{more birds taking a look…}

O–You’ll be seeing all of them soon!  Hope all is well.   ~m

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***10,000 HITS winner = #2….That’s JULIE B!!!  yeah.   So, Jules, you get the choice of the gift certificate OR a fun surprise.  Just depends if you’re willing to take a risk or not!  Lemme know in the comments.  Congrats and thanks for your ever-so-wonderful comments.   New mini contest coming up in a couple weeks… 

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