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{Gotta keep this short — it’s the middle of the night and little Fella just woke up.  Plans for a larger blog entry just went out the window!!!}

We had a fun afternoon at Mimi and Papa’s.  The kiddos always love to run outside on their patio and look for fish and other creatures in the lake.   It’s like a nature hike, but we don’t have to go anywhere!!!  🙂 

Peach brought an old-fashioned horn outside and root-toot-tooted her way around the backyard, taunting all the water birds.   The doggies across the lake REALLY didn’t care for it either! 

The gate around their patio is always a hit, too!  I love that I captured Fella playing on that very gate, looking up.  I’m sure an airplane was flying by and alerted his ever-tuned-in ears.  I like that his little eyes were looking back a bit…I can even see his reddish eyelashes.  I think the reflection in the water is super fun, where it shows the clouds overhead (we had some AMAZING clouds in AZ today).  

A fun, vivid image of a kiddo doing what he likes to do best…explore.  JUST my style.     Off to put this little crank to bed!   ~m

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