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{LOVE the feeling in this unposed image.  Their looks to different places, their hands with feeling and tenderness, the horses, her lovely gown…}img_4390triyyweb.jpg 

When I talked to C on the phone, she had a very clear idea of what type of photo shoot she wanted.  I could tell at first that she wasn’t sure I’d like what she had to say…I didn’t just like her idea, I LOVED it!  Not only did I love that she just knew what her vision was, I loved that her idea was to “rough it” (38 weeks pregnant) through tumbleweeds, tall grass, and gopher holes in a flowing white nightgown. 

 Talk about a dream come true for me!  I LOVE merging the gorgeous (C) and the not-so gorgeous (weeds).  The cherry on top was that there were horses next to the property!   Can you hear me singing an operatic “Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa” in excitement???  🙂


I had so much fun today/tonight.  C and her husband are truly genuine, kind people, who emitted love and tenderness throughout the entire shoot.  They made each other laugh (I just love those REAL smiles!!!) and together celebrated this special baby girl that will soon be coming into this world. 


C–It was terrific meeting your entire family and I can’t wait to show you the rest of these images.  Today, only some from the backyard…here’s your little sneak peek (more to come next week)!  ~m


Thanks for the sweet note — COMPLETELY made my night.  I’m so glad we did this and GIRL, you are stunning!!!  🙂 

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