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Many pregnant bellies throughout the next couple weeks, remember?  I’m loving every minute of it, too.  How lucky I feel to be able to capture this special time — and all the gorgeous pregnant women sure make my job easy.  🙂 

I have to be honest and say that when I was pregnant with both kiddos, maternity photography wasn’t even a question in my mind.  All I had seen were typical studio images that just weren’t “me.”  Now, my mind is completely changed because I know all the possibilities out there.  I see how beautiful the shape of a 38-week-pregnant belly is.  It’s a time to embrace those womanly curves that seem to creep up even more during this time.  

Mark my word…if we ever have another child, I’ll get some photos taken so I can remember and cherish the time where my belly looked (and felt) like it couldn’t get any bigger!  🙂

All the images seen on this site are always a true collaboration between the mom-to-be and myself.  I think that’s incredibly important — we all know what we want, what personally looks good to us, and most clients have browsed enough photography websites to know at least one pose they want (usually it’s the heart shaped hands around the belly button, which I think is ADORABLE).   I’m rambling…I guess what I wanted to say is that WOW — I LOVE photographing pregnant moms!  I hope I can do lots and lots more. 

Without further ado…here are more of A, who has been patiently waiting for more of her sneak peek!   

Thought I’d start with a portrait. 




{that heart shape that most clients request–I love the dramatic lighting here.   even though this is a very popular image, it really speaks.  i think it’s just such a tender, touching message.}


{ahhh….that mother/son bond}

Words that come to mind when I see these pictures:  fun, carefree, happy, curves, gentle, proud, love. 

Off to edit.   ~m

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