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The Egg Project

Dyeing Easter eggs is always tons-o-fun over here.  When I told Peach it was THE day, her eyes got enormo and she had a hard time finding the words (so rare) to say, “Toooooday?” 

She’s usually such a helper around the house, but today it was that times 100!  Boy, was she totally in charge, excited, and serious about her egg dyeing. 


^ Here she is waiting for the eggs to get darker. 


^ Checking to make sure it’s the perfect hue.


^ Some serious egg removal (told you she was serious!).


^Little bro wants some camera time, too. 🙂


^ Checking out the stash

What a fun afternoon.  Can’t wait to see their cute little faces tomorrow when it’s time for them to search for their baskets (and eggs).  I’ll be documenting that event, too!

Have a a great Easter!

Oh, and here’s a cute conversation today that I snuck up on and then became a part of…

Peach (leaning towards her brother):  “Wanna hear a secret?  (pause)  Laaaaaavatory.”  (my eyes bug out)

Moi:  “WHERE did you learn that word?  (P smiles)  What does lavatory mean?”

Peach:  “Teachers use that word for the bathroom. ”  🙂

Moi: “You’re right (shocked).” [where in the world did she learn that?]

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