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{Easter goodness}



Easter was fab.  I love being surrounded by family, good food, and tons of laughter.  The kiddos woke us up at 9:30am (wahooo to that!!!) and were very anxious to get outside.  Hubs “let the dogs out” (AKA planted baskets and eggs) and I dressed the kidlets.  Peach was SO darn excited.  She spent the whopping 5 minutes she searched for eggs, huffing and puffing all over the yard.  She didn’t speak much! 

The kids were thrilled to see their Easter baskets outside, too.  Fella played with his assortment of balls and trucks while Peach played her new toy recorder and tried on some princess shoes.  🙂

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Mimi and Papa’s.  Fortunately, the Easter Bunny had come by their house, too, so the kids got to go on a second hunt.   Holidays with kids are so refreshing and fun.  It’s wonderful to see the excitement in their eyes and swing in the their step. 


^VERY first tie — just couldn’t resist.


^ Mimi’s antique decorations.  Love ’em!


^ The egg tree (new to the decorations this year)!


^ Off to gather more eggs!  🙂     ~m

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