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I can’t…just do one post on each session.  While I’m editing, I always find so many more images worth sharing.  So, here are a few of those from my maternity session with L.   


^ Fitted tanks are an awesome choice for a maternity session.  Her purple tank is perfect because it compliments her coloring. 


^ I like this moment. 


^ LOVE this one.  The colors are so fun, but the part I like best are the multiple frames you see that make her stand out.  During the session, when I asked her to define her belly (so I could get a better view!) she’d touch her stomach and immediately smile.  It was so heartwarming.  🙂


^ I love the antique feel of this image.  It’s timeless.  I think the texture really adds a lot to the feel of the door (paint cracking and falling off) as well as the texture in the brick.

I just realized that I chose a lot of looking down images for this post.  I usually try to have more of a mix, but glancing back through them, I really love being able to witness her connection to the baby growing inside her belly.   I enjoy being able to capture something that seems so simple, yet is intimate, like a glance down, or a feel of the belly.   L was such a natural and just *glowed* when we even mentioned little J.

I’m so excited to meet her…several more weeks!  Thinking of you guys, L…


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