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don’t remember when


 I don’t remember when I met A.  It was probably in Home Ec class.  Or maybe choir.  Regardless, we met back in 7th grade.  I was a new kid at Ingleside Middle School.  She’d been around a while.  We became fast friends, throughout that hormonal time in life, and regularly chatted about boys, what to wear, and the latest make-up. 

On rainy days, we’d splash in puddles in her cul-de-sac.  On sunny days, we’d swim or lay out next to the pool.  Most weekends, we’d rock out to “Tiffany” (remember her???) in my room eating Oreos until the wee hours.  Her dad taught me to ski in Flagstaff & I learned the basics of rafting.  We were best friends. 

In 9th grade, A moved away.  At the end of 9th grade, I also moved away.  We went on a rafting trip in high school, chatted a little in college, and then *poof,* life just took over and we lost touch. 

About two years ago, I found her.  She and her hubby, who met while they were raft guides in the Grand Canyon, lived in Flagstaff.  We met for drinks and had a grand time.  Some time went by and I learned she was pregnant.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago…I got to see her new baby!  The baby of my longest friend ever.  🙂

Here she is.  Not even two weeks old. 


I didn’t want to be annoying photographer friend, so when A’s hubby asked Peach if she wanted to hold baby L, I whipped out my camera (what a good excuse!) and took about 5 minutes of photos. 


I just think babies are the greatest…especially when they belong to a long-lost friend who is pretty much family.  A — it was awesome to see you, F, and adorable Baby L.  Tell your hubs his name is still on our driveway.  See you soon?   ~m

Oh, and here’s one semi-funky one that I just *love.*  It’s just so BABY to me with that sweet little look and her hand in the air.  Speaking of babies…check back tomorrow for some newborn cuteness!!!


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