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S and J are full of love, life and just plain awesome individuals.  What makes them extra-special though, is how they are when they’re together.  Tender, loving, hilarious, fun…   During our shoot today, I loved how every once in a while hubby would step back and really admire his wife.  He’d tell her she was doing a great job, or sigh that “she’s so beautiful” sigh.  Gotta love that!!!

^ Check out that love!

As a mom, I always want to tell first-time parents how wonderful the journey to (and through) parenthood is.  I remember people telling me that (and thinking, “I know, I know!”)…BUT the only way you can ever really understand that is to have a child of your own.   I can’t wait for them to experience this new direction their lives are about to take.  As they embark on this new “adventure” with cautious feet, my only advice is to merely be themselves.  There is one lucky little guy inside that adorable belly, and two very lucky parents are about to experience “family” in its purest form. 

^  SO peaceful

I had SUCH a nice time today with you two.  I can’t wait to meet your “strong” little L and see all of you together as a family!   Thanks for a special evening.  🙂  ~m   

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One thing I really looked forward to with both of my kiddos was sending out a birth announcement.   Why, you ask???  🙂

Because I loved:

*choosing the image and card that complimented that image the best

*sending something in the MAIL (gasp!) because life is so digital these days

*sharing our new little love with everyone 


When my pal, L, asked me about announcements for her little one, I was excited to gather some up for her…this post is basically to show some options.  So, if you like one better than the other, let us know!

Here are 3 more choices in pink (mom’s request).  Background colors can be changed, images can be swapped, etc. 

^  #2


^  #3

^ #4

Have a great day!   ~m



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Now back to regularly scheduled blogging!  Kinda nice to relax a bit!


 ^ Love this mother/daughter interaction.


^ Brothers…so relaxed and cuuuute!  SUPER sweet mom, too!  🙂

^ He is PRECIOUS! 

^  …hmmm…little rain dance?  She was so cute (and busy!) the whole session. 

Thanks for stopping by!  In the next week or two, stay tuned for: Florida sessions, a new baby!,vacation pics & 2 incredible family photo sessions (I feel like the 12 Days of Christmas song!).   🙂

Have a great day!


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Soooo much

Today was a whirlwind.  I have learned so much my noggin is spinning. 

Jess and I have just chatted for four hours straight (and that’s after a two hour dinner with photographers)…yipes.  Another super busy day tomorrow learning about photoshop. Yes!  Once I learn the BIG SECRETS, I’ll photoshop a couple images and post!  Get ready for some cuties tomorrow. 

Sad my pals have to leave.  😦     ~m

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Aren’t they adorable?  That look on him is just SO cute!   She looks SO genuinely happy.  LOVE it!

These two are in need of some pics of them together (sadly, T is soon leaving us for a tour in Iraq), so we went out a couple times today to do a photo shoot.  

Today was the first time that I have ever used a fish eye lens.  Wa hoooo!!!!!  LOVED it!  If you look in the above image, you can see the sides of the image look a bit warped — how fun! 

Oh, and we had a night shoot, too!  Can’t wait to go through all the images…more coolio pics from this session later on in the week. 

*     *     *

Well, tonight we had a meet and greet for workshop attendees.  TOMORROW, is the official workshop!  Get ready for some kid models!  I’m thrilled!   If you’ve emailed or called today, I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as all this workshop hoopla is over. 

For now, I’ll leave you with a pic of us photog girls (Jen, Jess, & me on the R if you’re wondering!), taken by Mr. Fabulous himself (thanks, T!). 

[color is a little wonky because of the night light]  🙂    ~m    

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Still up…

Was planning on posting some images I edited earlier today, but I’m in Fella’s room (and he’s deciding to not fall asleep).  It’s only…oh…1:30am.  Ugh.    

It was awesome to see my photographer pals today.  I picked them up at separate airports (who knew Mesa had a dinky airport with direct flights to Bellingham, WA?) and then we dined on “Italian” grub at Oregano’s.  It was a TOTAL hit, especially that pizza cookie.  🙂   I’m shocked Jen’s hubby hung in there so long (with all the photog. talk) but he was a great sport. 

Tomorrow, Jess is giving us a huge Lightroom tutorial and we’re going to have some casual photo shoots.  Then a meet-and-greet for the actual workshop.  Yea!  Will post pics tomorrow from our day!  ~m

Oh, and Jill…it’s SHORT!  🙂 

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First shots out of my camera this session.  Love the texture of the blankie (an Old Navy scarf!), the smooth baby skin, and the woven basket! 

^ perfectly delicious 

^ lovin’ that hand.   

^ discovering her cute little mouth

^ ahhh…finally got those fingers in there!  🙂

It’s been incredible watching this baby’s momma’s belly grow over the last 9/10 months.  What a celebration now that she’s here (she has two older brothers)!  Can’t wait to show you more, L!!!

*    *    *

Tomorrow starts the workshop craziness!  My pals from Seattle will be here, so get ready for some impromptu photo shoot pics (photographers always need pics of themselves)!  Sheesh…I got 6 inches cut off of my hair today (it’s getting HOT here in AZ!) so I NEED a new pic. 

Get ready for some child model pics from the weekend workshop & also more images from two awesome family sessions I did over the weekend.   THANKS for stopping by!  ~m

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