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Say hello to G!  She’s another “Fresh Face” from my blog promotion a while back.  She’s receiving a complimentary maternity and baby session, along with an 8×10 from each photo shoot.  What a deal!   This “deal” is super fun for me because not only do I get to know the mom (and BOY, do I love these maternity sessions…) but I get to meet sweet little newborns, too.   Yea!

Anyway, back to G.  I loved her easy-going nature.  She was up for anything and TOTALLY worked it for the camera (I mean, episode of “Top Model,” workin’ it!).  Her 2 1/2 year old son was there, too, so he kept us entertained and away from one spot for too long. 


G-Thanks for putting up with all my crazy ideas (yipes…sorry about the ant hill and the prickly thorn in your shoe).  You did such an amazing job and I was blown away by your confidence and poise.  I am super excited to show you more…I haven’t even been through all the images yet!  ~m

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