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Today we met some pals at the park.  The kiddos had SO much fun and we had a grand time watching them!

They discovered:

  • sprinklers are a blast (don’t think they remembered this from last year!)


  • park sprinklers can be super forceful and knock a bucket out of your hands
  • sprinklers turn off at a moment’s notice 😦
  • going down the slide isn’t as fun (or fast) with wet buns
  • ladybugs hide out in little patches of yellow flowers

  • ladybug hunts are f-u-n!!!

  • peanut butter & jelly + sand = disgusto!
  • giggling in the swing makes mom stay there to take more pics

  • playing with friends sure makes the time go by quickly

The older two were SO mad they had to go home.  The younger boys had reached their limit and settled down in their strollers/wagons for the walk home. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

 ***Availability has been updated (look for a link at the side of the blog OR near the top of the blog)!  Now booking one more session for April and there are still some in May left!  There is an anticipated price increase in May — if you book now, you’ll get the current prices!  Yeah!

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