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^ The word that comes to mind when I see her staring off in this image is goddess.  Her cheekbones, perfect skin,  confidence. 

See that cute little hand wanting mom in the corner of the shot?  Awww!

^ Lovely light, look & texture of the rock wall.

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Too funny…I got two special emails today asking to see more images from G’s maternity session.  I couldn’t agree more!!!  Isn’t she hot stuff???  🙂

I’ve been super busy editing images from sessions done prior to this one and FINALLY got started on these today.  Honestly, it’s going to be incredibly hard to choose only 20-30 images to present.  I am totally blown away by G’s gorgeousness and glowiness (<–like the word I just made up?).  🙂 

Can’t wait to show you all these images, G, and meet your little guy when he decides to arrive!

Here are several favs:


^ Love her confident stance & the curves that make a pregnant woman extra stunning

^ Fun angle to highlight that cute bump

^ Checking mom out to make sure she’s okay.  What a cute little guy he is!

^ And yes, she can smile!  I just realized all the images are either profile or looking down!  Don’t worry, I have lots of smiley ones, too!  I wanted to put this one at the end — G’s special request for a photo shoot was “green and flowers” so I hope this one fullfills her expectations. 

Anyone have a fav???  Although I really like them all, I’m digging #1, with the diagonal wall…I love the last two as well.  I think little S’s loving interaction with his momma is too cute.  I know how hard it is for moms to get pics with their little ones (me included — my mom usually insists on taking some though!) so I always try and snap a few at a maternity session if there’s another child in the family.  🙂

Off to edit!  ~m

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