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Peach told everyone she saw today that she was going on a bus.  The response to that was, “Where are you going?”  She didn’t really know how to answer that because her field trip today was JUST to ride a bus around the ASU campus. 

[taking it all in]

Sounds simple and maybe a bit boring to an adult, but MAN, those 2 and 3 year-olds were excited. 

So many of them (including Peach) had never been on a bus before! 

What fun!  G’s mom is on the phone with T’s mom giving her the low-down on the trip.  🙂


Halfway through the trip, the bus stopped in a parking lot and each child got a chance to sit in the driver’s seat and “drive” the bus.   


Some good ol’ lookin’ out the window is always swell…

The rumble of the bus sure made this little guy sleepy!

Have a great day.  ~m


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