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biker kidz

I need to remember to take pics of my kiddos more often.  Do you???  They’re not crazy about it, but it’s great practice and those moments captured are priceless. 

The other day during Peach’s quiet time, she chose to look through these little 8×8 scrapbooks (digital pages that I got printed) from last year.  It was SOOOO cute — we chatted about lots of activities in those books. 

Sooo…today…another fun hour at the water table.  We had the bikes on the front patio from a walk the previous day and the kidos gravitated from splashing and pouring, to zooming down the driveway (well Peach at least!).   



My Guy has been showing me an awful lot of this scowl lately.  That’s his mad face, but as you can see, I can’t take it too seriously. 

  Had fun with some textures!  🙂


—Random stuff below—

–>Lovies to the cheering section peeps at my concert tonight.  🙂   Funny…one of my choir pals met one of my friends and she said she recognized her from my website.  She felt like a ROCKstar!  🙂  hah. 

–>Any blog readers have tips for cat sessions???  I have a couple coming up and would loooove some advice.  

–>April sessions are completely full.  It’s going to be a crazy rest of the month (in a good way)!  I’m busy with newborn and family shoots, processing images & packaging images!  I’m headed to a fantabulous workshop at the end of the month and will have lots of new tricks up my sleeve for May sessions!  Yeah!  Book now to get the last outside sessions before fall AND to get current prices. 

Can’t wait to meet YOU!  ~m

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